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And the Winner Is…..

Congratulations to Rich McNamara from Solon, Ohio for winning 1st place in the FFG Toledo 2017 tournament!  Rich, along with other top finishers, will venture on to our National Finals in Las Vegas in November.  Stay tuned for more announcements of 2017 winners.

Rich McNamara Toledo 2017 Winner

Rich McNamara FFG Toledo 2017 1st Place

2017 Season Comes to a Close

  • The Forty Frame Game Toledo, USA & Ladies Doubles Tournaments have ended for the 2017 season.  We are currently verifying all scores.  Prize checks for Toledo were mailed August 10th and the Toledo prize list is posted on our Winners & Results page.  The USA & Ladies Doubles prize checks will be mailed and prize lists posted mid September.


Annual Holiday Kick-Off in Toledo

The 2017 Forty Frame Game tournament season began with our annual special “Holiday Kick-Off” on December 10, 2016 at Bowlero Lanes in Toledo.  Many of our long-time bowling patrons (and a few new ones) had a great time checking out our new location and getting our 2017 season started.  Special prizes exclusive to this promotion were awarded on the spot.  These included:

Squad Leaders who brought 7 paid entries received $50 restaurant gift cards

Ed Kasprzynski won $100 cash with his High Natural Score of 1073

Joseph Floyed won $100 cash for his High Handicap Score of 1127

Johnny Reese Jr. won a free FFG entry for 2017 in our drawing

Our Toledo tournament will continue at Bowlero Lanes on weekends January 7 through June 11 with 10:30 am and 2:00 pm squad times.  Call us at (800) 837-4010 to reserve your date and squad time.


FFG National Championship Winners for 2016!

Arica Jackson of Phoenix, AZ won first place in The Forty Frame Game National Championship Finals held in Las Vegas November 10-12, 2016.  The top 10 finishers of The Forty Frame Game 2015 tournament season (4 from Reno ~ USA, 2 from Reno ~ Ladies Doubles & 4 from Toledo) competed for the top spot at the Silver Nugget Casino and Bowling Center.  A fun weekend was spent with their guests in Vegas at The D Hotel and downtown at the Fremont Street Experience.  Here are the players and how the top 6 finished in our National Finals:                          


Top 6 Finalists

1st: Arica Jackson – Phoenix, AZ – 1056

2nd: Jeffrey Erber – Elizabeth, CO – 1028

3rd: Dan Lauer – Ft. Wayne, IN – 977

4th: Mike P’Poole – Princeton, KY – 883

5th: Jake Brawn – Nottingham, MD – 817

6th: Alexandria Eckert – Leavenworth, KS – 755

7th: Robert Pauls – Taylor, MI

8th: Stacie Reeves – Hartford, MI

9th: Sam Dorsey – Burbank, WA

10th: Karen Michels – Ft. Wayne, IN



Top 10 Finalists

Congratulations to our 2016 Tournament Winners

Jake Brawn of Nottingham, Maryland won first place in our USA tournament with a 1251 taking home the top prize of $15,000.  In our USA Ladies Doubles Division, Ally Eckert of Leavenworth Kansas and Arica Jackson of Phoenix, Arizona grabbed first place with a team score of 2085 and $1,000.  Karen Michels of Fort Wayne, Indiana won first place in our Toledo tournament with a 1254 and winning the top prize of $5,000.  Dan Lauer of Fort Wayne, Indiana was our top Squad Leader in Toledo for the third year in a row!  Congrats Forty Framers! 


Jake Brawn – USA


Karen Michels – Toledo


Arica Jackson – Ladies Doubles


Ally Eckert – Ladies Doubles


Dan Lauer – Squad Leader