November 9, 2023

Hello Forty Framers,

Many of you may have seen the news released yesterday by the USBC announcing their purchase of all trademarks, intellectual property and licensing rights for The Forty Frame Game.  After operating the FFG for 34 years, the time had come for me to retire and now with the USBC taking the reins, I am very happy to announce that our tournament will continue on for many years to come.  As you know, the FFG is a unique and fun competition loved by many.  It has always been my goal to put “our baby” in the hands of the USBC to keep the integrity of the game intact and take it to the next level with improved technology and enjoyment for you, our loyal bowlers and friends.

The FFG will not be offered in 2024 at the USBC National Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada as the USBC plans to invest in technology to make the scoring experience better for bowlers.  The continuing status of the FFG in Toledo, Ohio will be announced next week.

There are so many people I wish to thank.  First of all, my original partners, Bruce Davis and Ty Szumigala.  Bruce designed the game with me and Ty providing support and “boots on the ground”.  The FFG is truly a bowling creation that has survived the test of time without a single change in format.

I want to thank my team of ladies, Kathy, Kim, Lorie and Ruth, who put in countless hours over the years and kept me on track, the tournament directors who put in long days and ran the FFG in US cities, and the numerous scorekeepers who showed up and helped our operation.  These people were the backbone of the FFG.  But, most importantly, I want to thank you, our loyal Forty Framers for your steadfast support and unwavering loyalty.  Most especially the fantastic efforts of our Squad Leaders made this game what it is today.  Our success is because of YOU!  I will always appreciate your friendship and dedication.

It’s time for the Big Kahuna to get some much needed r and r.  I wish you all the very best.

Sincerely, Jim Walter