How The Tournament Works

The Forty Frame Game is held January through June in Toledo, Ohio.  It is one continuous game forty frames long with unique scoring opportunities (and pitfalls!) that lead to a perfect score of 1305.  And no, there has not been a perfect game bowled to date!  Below is the frame by frame chart showing how The Forty Frame Game ® is played and what to expect in each frame.

Frame by Frame

Click here for a PDF version of our Frame by Frame chart

There is no plain frame in The Forty Frame Game.  Normal scorekeeping and handicapping apply.  There are also opportunities for Bonus Points, Free Strikes and Second Chance Strikes.  To add to the excitement, “Sour Grapes” frames present a special challenge ~ non-strike first balls cause a loss of pin count.  Plus a strike in the “Big Kahuna” gets you a 25 pin bonus.

Additional optional events are also offered including Woof-Woof Strikes, Big Ten Strikes, Handicap Doubles, Natural Doubles, Sweep It Clean, Big Lucas, Kegler’s Cash and Singles Brackets.  AND, for those who qualify, you’re automatically entered (at no charge) into our Gray Pay, Ladies Division and 175 & Under categories!  

In addition, top winners qualify for a free trip to the National Championship Finals in November each year for an opportunity to compete for more cash prizes and The Forty Frame Game National Championship.

Reserve your spot today ~ Call us at (800) 837-4010 or (419) 537-9682 for available dates and squad times.  You’ll have a great time and YOU WILL CASH!

The Forty Frame Game National Championship Finals

This event is held each year on the second or third weekend in November to determine The Forty Frame Game National Champion.  There are preliminary rounds of bowling starting Friday evening and ending on Saturday afternoon with six finalists going head to head for all the marbles in The Forty Frame Game Championship Finals.  It’s a fun event and another opportunity to win more dollars. Eligible finalists are the top winners from The Forty Frame Game Toledo plus the top squad leader from the Toledo tournament.  It’s a party atmosphere and an exciting conclusion to The Forty Frame Game season.