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Top Finishers for FFG Toledo 2019 Announced!

Congratulations to Hank Jasso of Bloomdale, Ohio for winning 1st place with a score of 1307.  Todd Freeman of Parma, Michigan came in 2nd with 1306 and Jamil Magruder of Taylor, Michigan rounded 3rd with 1231.  Frank Camilleri of Brownstown, Michigan was our 1st place squad leader this year bringing a total of 140 bowlers to Toledo.  All 4 winners qualify for the National Championship Finals in Las Vegas in November.

To view the official FFG Toledo 2019 prize list, go to the Winners & Results page on this website


We are currently verifying all scores and entries for the FFG USA & Ladies Doubles tournament.   The prize lists will be posted on our website and prize checks will be mailed on September 5, 2019 for these tournaments.

FFG National Championship Winners for 2018:

And the winner is….Bob Edwards of Lima, Ohio.  Bob won first place in The Forty Frame Game National Championship Finals on November 17th held in Las Vegas.  The top 10 finishers of the FFG 2018 tournament season competed at the Silver Nugget Bowling Center.  A fun weekend was spent with their guests in Vegas and at The D Hotel. 

Here are the players and how the top 6 finished in our National Finals

1st ~ Bob Edwards – Lima, OH – 1055

2nd ~ Dan Lauer – Ft Wayne, IN – 1044

3rd ~ Fabian Graham – Oakwood, OH – 1014

4th ~ Beth Owen-Cipielewski – Bradenton, FL – 912

5th ~ Pam Sprow – Lakeland, FL – 882

6th ~ Richard Harding – Frederick, MD – 860

~ Jeremy Van De Walker – Houston, TX

~ Ken Bairunas – Ft Myers, FL

~ Isaac Mazique – Lawrence, MI

FFG 1st Place Toledo & USA Tournament Winners for 2018:

Robert Edwards from Lima, Ohio won 1st place in Toledo with a 1211.  Ken Bairunas of Ft Myers, Florida took 1st place with a 1266 in the USA.  The top spot in Ladies Doubles with a team score of 2273 was won by Beth Owen-Cipeilewski of Bradenton, Florida and Pam Sprow of Lakeland, Florida.  Congratulations Forty Framers!

To view the 2018 Toledo and USA prize lists, go to the Winners & Results page on this website