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That’s A Wrap!

The Forty Frame Game Toledo, USA and Ladies Doubles tournaments have ended for the 2018 season.  Thank you bowlers and squad leaders for joining us this year in Toledo and Syracuse!  TO VIEW THE OFFICIAL 2018 TOLEDO, USA & LADIES DOUBLES PRIZE LISTS, PLEASE GO TO THE  “Winners & Results” PAGE OF OUR WEBSITE.  Toledo prize checks were mailed August 9th and the USA & Ladies Doubles prize checks were mailed September 5, 2018.    

FFG National Finals 2018

The 2018 Forty Frame Game National Finals will be held November 16-18 at the Silver Nugget Bowling Center in Las Vegas.  The top 3 finishers and number 1 squad leader from Toledo as well as the top 4 finishers and number 1 ladies doubles team will advance to the finals.  Here are the lucky bowlers who will be competing for more cash in Vegas:

Robert Edwards – Lima, OH      Fabian Graham – Oakwood, OH      Isaac Mazique – Lawrence, MI

Dan Lauer – Ft Wayne, IN      Ken Bairunas – Ft Meyers, FL      Joseph Lombardi – Ansonia, CT

Jeremy Van De Walker – Houston, TX      Richard Harding – Frederick, MD

Beth Owen-Cipeilewski – Bradenton, FL      Pam Sprow – Lakeland, FL


FFG National Championship Winners for 2017!

And the winner is….Christopher Bryant of Greensboro, North Carolina won first place in The Forty Frame Game National Championship Finals held in Las Vegas November 17-19.  The top 10 finishers of the FFG 2017 tournament season competed for the top spot at the Silver Nugget Bowling Center.  A fun weekend was spent with their guests in Vegas at The D Hotel. 

Here are the players and how the top 6 finished in our National Finals

1st ~ CIMG_1375 (2)hristopher Bryant – Greensboro, NC – 957

2nd ~ Richard McNamara – Solon, OH – 937

3rd ~ Stephanie Sheridan – Factoryville, PA – 904

4th ~ Dan Lauer – Ft. Wayne, IN – 876

5th ~ Shawn Kozak – Phoenix, AZ – 827

6th ~ David Kalinoski – San Antonio, TX – 799

7th ~ LeRoy Thom

8th ~ Myles Bassick

9th ~ Sarah Levin

10th ~ Dakota Whited

Congratulations 2017 FFG Tournament Winners…

Rich McNamara from Solon, Ohio won 1st place in Toledo with a 1265.  Christopher Bryant of Greensoboro, North Carolina took 1st place with a 1250 in the USA.  And Stephanie Sheridan from Factoryville, Pennsylvania and Sarah Levin from Dunmore, Pennsylvania won the top spot in Ladies Doubles with a team score of 2151.  Congratulations Forty Framers!

To view the Toledo and USA prize lists, go to the Winners & Results page