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Forty Frame Game Toledo 2022 Prize List Update….. 

All scores have been verified and the prize list is being prepared, however, we have been delayed in finalizing the prize list due to a USBC disqualification and appeal.  Our latest information from the USBC as of Friday, September 16, is as follows:  “The appeal process filed by the disqualified entry has begun.  The timing of the final decision in this matter will be known shortly.  No prize checks are allowed to be sent out until the decision is final and approval is received by The Forty Frame Game to process checks.” 

We will post updates here on our website as soon as we receive information and the final decision from the USBC.  Thank you bowlers and squad leaders for joining us at Bowlero Lanes again this year.  And thank you all for your extraordinary patience in this matter.  We appreciate your continued support and participation in 2022! 


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